Rent-a-Web, what is it?

We use one of our customized templates to give you a website that is appropriate for your industry. We have quite a few industry specific web sites ready to go. We add your logo, your images and your text (and train you)...but it is basically a tried and tested web site layout that already works for someone just like you. Your web site might look similar to another website, but it will have your logo, your text and your imagery. We build it, make it visible and maintain it for you. If you want to change things then we do that too...all within your rental cost.

If you want to do something fancy, or break away from us then we do that for you too. No strings, no ties, just our help...all you need to do is give us some notice so that we have time to do it for you. We expect that you will stay with us, renting your website, until you are successful enough to go large with it. If you need customization then we can break you out immediately to our Build-a-Web program whereby we offer you all the features you need, including e-commerce, membership, teaching, market automation, etc.

We don't mind if you don't know what any of this means or what you need to do. We offer one hour of free discussion to see if we are on the same page and if we can help you. That hour includes free impartial advice, so even if we don't have what you need (doubtful) you can move forward by yourself with some solid advice.

Remember, there is no value in FREE. We offer free advice as part of our that you get the chance to talk to us and understand the value of our time that we are persuading you to pay for. We see it as an investment in you, our future customer.

Rent-a-Web includes Share-a-Web training so that you can maximize your content and Social Media coverage. Rent-a-Web can be upgraded to Build-a-Web at any time when you are ready to take control of the website you have created.

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