Build-a-Web, what is it?

Build-a-Web is part of our training services. It can easily be combined with Rent-a-Web, but the idea is that you learn how to build and maintain your own website.

If you want a very hands-off approach to your website then we can do that for you, but that is what we offer with our Rent-a-Web product. Build-a-Web is a simple system where we walk you through step-by-step showing you how to build and maintain your own website. If you combine this with our maintenance service then you can benefit from our time for as long as you want until you get a grip of it all for yourself.

At any time with Build-a-Web, you can ask us for help and assistance. If you choose to maintain your website with us after you have built it then you get plenty of time included in the cost of your maintenance to ask us for help or guidance. We also have helpful videos and articles available to help you do it for yourself, with us by your side all the time to help if you get stuck.

The idea with Build-a-Web is that you learn, at your own pace, how to build, maintain and excel with your web presence.

With Build-a-Web, Rent-a-Web and Share-a-Web services and training are optional.

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