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Welcome to Web9to5

Web9to5 is here to provide small businesses with a managed and maintained web site, at the lowest cost to you, that can grow as you grow.

But Wait...

There are many advertisements on TV telling you that they are the best solution for getting your business on the web....but wait...hold on...

All of those solutions are proprietary and lock you in. You will spend hours and hours developing your web presence before you realise that there is something you cannot do...something that isn't possible...a reason why you made a bad choice.

What makes Web9to5 different???

We aren't trying to sell you anything except our advice and assistance. We don't own a product that we are trying to get you locked into. We aren't trying to prevent you from doing anything in the future. All we are doing is giving you our time and advice so that you can get started in the right place, with the right knowledge and the right tools. You pay us for that time and that is all. No lock in, what you create is yours. That is our promise - "you make it - you keep it".

How does it work?

Web9to5 have 2 standard offerings:

Rent-a-Web: a Basic Web site with social media production
Build-a-Web: The same as Rent-a-Web, but a more substantial Web Site where we teach you how to build, extend and maintain it by yourself


If you don't have the time, skill or will to create and maintain your own web site then we can do almost everything for you. We will need a little assistance to understand who you are and what you do, but that is all.


Typically, we start with a 3 day course. It starts on a Friday afternoon after you finish what you need to finish and it continues until Sunday Evening. By Sunday evening you have a web site and a basic understanding of how to use it. A second (optional) course has the same format (Friday to Sunday) and it explores what more you can do to make your web site work for you.

Who are You?

Just so that we are clear on who we think you are, as a customer...

You consider yourself a Small Business Owner that does something like this:

  • A Restaurant Owner
  • You own one or more retail outlets
  • You run a Gym
  • A Wedding Photographer
  • A Landscape Gardener
  • You make beautiful cakes
  • You make furniture
  • You __________ and need a website

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